Best Bowl Sinks 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Bowl Sinks 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

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Polaris Single Bowl Copper Sink

bowl sink bronze
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Monarch Pure Copper Bowl Sink 

copper bowl sink

Modern kitchens are generally a –place where families meet and interact. A beautiful designed, handcrafted kitchen bowl sink which is well matched with the kitchen decor adds to the relaxing atmosphere It becomes a place where the family members cook together and wind down after the days end as well as have Family Meal and friends gathering during festivals and weekends.

Kitchen bowl sinks should be selected on the basis of size. Durability, Features Design and Price. Nearly 70% of all bowl sink are stainless as it durable and scratch proof however specially designed bowl sinks are gaining popularity as they match with the decor and look elegant.We list a combination of design and functionality to help you select the Best kitchen bowl sink as per your requirement. We suggest that these sinks could be complimented with kitchen soap dispenser and Kitchen Hobs.


Unique Features


Beautiful Hand-Hammered 

copper finish

Exotic Sea Urchin shape Bowl

Bronze finish

Mother of pearls and Marble

Black And White

Hand crafted

Copper Finish

Natural hand carved marble.


1. Polaris Single Bowl Dual-Mount Copper Sink

bowl sink bronze


    • Polaris bowl sink is constructed with a beautiful hand-hammered finish which is naturally anti-bacterial and stain-resistant with an ever-changing patina. The sink comes with a 16 or 18 gauge constructed of premium quality 304 steel which is 25% thicker than the normal steel.
    • It is designed from purely mined copper, with a wide flat perimeter allowing it to be mounted easily on the counter top.
    • The interior of the bowl is indented by ¾” on all sides, providing a ledge for two (included) copper trays to rest: one a solid basin, the other perforated so water can drain.
    • The bowl sink comes as a set with A copper strainer and flange and a spray insulation coating on the underside of the sink which keeps noise to a minimum while preventing condensation
    • The sink muffels the tinny sounds of running water or echo of dropped dishware by sound-dampening pads applied to its underside

 2. Bronze  Sink Round Finish

Copper round bowl


    • It is a single bowl sink with an exotic sea urchin shape the sink offers space and old world charm.
    • A contemporary styling gives it a beautiful and sleek look.
    •  The bowl has a depth of 5-11 Inch; the dimensions are 13.5 inches long, 18 inches wide and 8.25 inches high.
    • The sink has a bronze finish and matte style which will complement all decors.
    • The surface of this basin is in a constant reaction with the atmosphere generates an ever-changing impression.

3. B & W Mother of Pearl Kitchen Bowl Sink 

Motherof pearl Sinks


    • A sleek contemporary bowl sink to upgrade the decor of any kitchen. A modern stylish elegant design gives a style to the product.
    • The sink has a Non Porous surface for added durability and a high gloss finish.
    • It is made from premium quality marble and and white and Black mother of pearls .
    • It is made from premium quality marble and and white and Black mother of pearls .
    • The sink has an Outer Length-24", Outer Width-16", Height- 7“ and a Drain Hole -1.75".

4. Monarch Pure Copper Hand Hammered Bowl Kitchen Sink 

copper bowl sink


    • The Sink is Made of solid, heavy gauge pure copper that will last a life time The Product has been Handcrafted by skilled artisans which gives it a unique look.
    • The exterior of the sink has been Hand hammered to provide a shiny, eye catching texture.
    • The Outer Dimensions: of the sink are 15 in x 15 in x 6. 25 in which a lot of space to work It attaches with the Standard Bar / Kitchen Sink Drain Size - 3. 5 inches
    • The Copper of the sink will darken over time as it interacts with water and air
    • Any use of corrosive / abrasive cleaning liquids or material that will damage the copper finish should be avoided.

 5. Hadar  Egyptian Cream Marble Farmhouse Sink

Egyptian marble sink


    • The Bowl sink is crafted out of Natural hand carved marble.
    • The product is a smooth single bowl polished sink which adds elegance to every kitchen
    • The Dimension of the sink are 36" L x 20" W x 9 1/2" H
    • The interior depth of the sink is 8 1/4" which gives plenty of space to work.
    • The bowl sink works with Garbage disposal and can accept a drain of 3 1/2"


Since the kitchen has become the centerpiece of the house an elegant kitchen bowl sink adds to the interior of the kitchen. Selecting the right kitchen sinks and accessorizing it for a dream Kitchen is very necessary. We have listed the special features of different aesthetically designed Kitchen Bowl Sinks available to help you choose the right one for your kitchen and Budget.

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