Ingenious Ways to Incorporate a TV Into Your Kitchen Design

Ingenious Ways to Incorporate a TV Into Your Kitchen Design


Installing a TV in your kitchen is a creative way to ensure you don’t miss your favorite shows while preparing delicious meals for yourself or your guests. That said, finding the right way to place a TV in your kitchen can be tricky. Fortunately, today’s article will show you seven brilliant ideas that will keep your space clean and entertaining.

These contemporary kitchen designs were created by expert designers and have served several people who want to conveniently watch their television in their kitchen space. Without further ado, let’s discuss seven awesome ways to incorporate a TV into your kitchen design and a few tips.

Behind a Pocket Door

Fitting a TV in a kitchen requires creativity, and one of the most creative ways to incorporate a TV is by hiding it.

A contemporary way is to hide the appliance behind a pocket door. You can slide the pocket doors open when you want some entertainment and close them when not in use. This solution is a clean way to add a TV to your kitchen.

Use a TV lift on the Kitchen Countertop

A retractable TV lift is a very practical choice for setting up a TV in your kitchen. The TV can be concealed inside your kitchen counter when you’re done. This placement seamlessly integrates contemporary digital technology into your kitchen design while maintaining the visual appeal and cohesiveness of the decor. You could also use a TV lift in your kitchen island.

A TV lift mechanism is essentially a linear actuator with modifications that make it possible to lift your TV in your counter. The TV is connected to this actuator system, and when a button is pressed, the linear actuator either extends the TV upward or retracts it downward.

You can slide the TV and watch your favorite shows from wherever in your dining room or kitchen thanks to its retractable base.

Fortunately, this setup is straightforward as long as you contact a professional for assistance. Bear in mind that you’ll need enough space on your counter or island to accommodate the lift mechanism.

Another important thing to be mindful of is the location of the lift. I recommend using a counter you don’t use for meal prep because food particles and liquids may seep into the gaps and damage your unit.

Create a Niche

Setting up your TV in a niche is a fancy way to incorporate a TV in your kitchen. A niche offers some customizability. For example, you can add lights to create a unique ambiance. The niche can also accommodate external speakers. Note that creating a niche will require some construction work, so ensure you get expert help.

Kitchen Backsplash Design

TVs look great mounted on the blank walls behind kitchen sinks. A waterproof kitchen TV screen and a high kitchen backsplash design produce a practical setup. You can even incorporate the TV into a tiled or marbled backsplash. All you need is an expert installer and a waterproof TV.

On a Wall Mount


A wall-mounted TV bracket is a common setup found in many kitchens. The TV bracket makes it quick and easy to add a TV to your kitchen space.

Ceiling Mount

Although less common, a ceiling TV design is both functional and impressive. The TV basically hangs down from the ceiling, and the cables are neatly tucked around the mount. Some ceiling mounts even allow users to rotate the TV and watch from more angles.

Using a Kitchen Cabinet Shelf

If you have a kitchen cabinet, you can utilize this space and place a TV in one of the compartments. You can even adjust the shelf to fit a bigger TV and hide any cables behind the cabinet. Moreover, the shelf allows you to place the TV in the perfect position for viewing.

Tips to Follow When Putting a TV in Your Kitchen


Thinking about the room’s arrangement is important when deciding whether to install a TV in the kitchen. For instance, you don’t want steam from the stove or a water source to interfere with the TV. Additionally, you want the TV to be big enough so it can be viewed from different angles while still being kept out of the cooking area.

Make sure you try different placement heights if you want your kitchen TV set to look seamless. Hanging the TV too high or too low can drastically impact the overall experience.

Another option has the exact opposite impact; by positioning the TV at eye level, it becomes a prominent, accented part of the kitchen’s décor. This height allows you to enjoy your favorite cooking shows and soap operas.

It’s also crucial to hear the TV. It’s not just a matter of seeing it. Consider how you want the ideal sound level in the space. You can install external speakers in the ceiling or inside cabinets for a more immersive experience.

Regardless of the design you choose, ensure all the TV cables are hidden properly. This is for safety reasons and aesthetics. Moisture on your electronics can be dangerous.

Expert tip: Sometimes it won’t be straightforward to integrate a TV into your kitchen because of the size and design of the space. So, if you don’t want to totally revamp your kitchen – which can cost a lot – you can install a tablet on the countertop or island. This way, you can preserve some space while enjoying all your favorite content. You can even be fancy and enable voice commands for a more automated experience.


That’s all for today! Now you know it’s possible to seamlessly incorporate your TV into your kitchen. Ponder over any of these seven ideas and select the option that best fits your space. From experience, a TV lift is a clean and modern technique to add a television to any kitchen. Remember, if you need more assistance, we’re here to help.