Top 7 Best Kitchen Dish Drying Mat Reviews 2020

Top 7 Best Kitchen Dish Drying Mat Reviews 2020


Dish drying mats are the most hygienic way to dry out the dishes.After  Dishwashing drying mats are an easy and fast way of drying of dishes. They are made of microfiber or silicone to absorb and drain out the excess water from the dishes .These could also be used to line the kitchen drawers to absorb the excess moisture from the dishes and keeps the drawers free from any kind of odor.The dish drying mats can be placed under the dish drainer for absorbing the excess water dripping from the dish racks.The drying mats are of different kinds of texture and could be chosen depending on the needs.The size,color and texture are selected depending upon the a specific usage, a match with the décor or budget.The are an ideal accessory to the kitchen bowl sink and pot fillers and could be matched with them.


Unique Features


Silicon Drying Mat with Brush

Heat Resistant


Premium Dish Drying Mat

High angle ridges


Large Dish Drying Mat

BPA quality Silicone

Dark Grey

Belliman Dish Drying Mat

40% longer 


​S &T Microfiber Dish Drying Mat

Micro fiber  highly absorbent

 Grey pattern

2-Pack Dish Drying Mat​

Micro fiber 2 pack set


All-Clad Textile drying Mat

Textile fast Drying Mat

Dark Grey

 1. Silicon Dish Drying Mats with Grips Bottle Brush

dish drying mat


    • This Dish drying mat is made from silicone and comes with a bottle Brush for easily cleaning  wine glasses
    • This Dish Drying Mat is designed with 7 mm Ridges so that water can easily  collect within the mat and can drained over in the sink  later. the drying mat can be washed easily and dried out.
    • The Drying Mat is easy to roll for a compact storage can even be hanged by a hanger hole 
    • The Dish Drying Mat is big enough to keep all your Dishes cups and other kitchen implements to dry them easily.
    • It is heat resistant trivet for  tables and counter top..It can also be used as Kitchen drawer liner,fridge liner & cupboard liner,garage storage mat or dish rack mat.

2. NOVU Premium Silicone Dish Drying Mat 

Dish drying silicon mat


    • NOVU Dish drying Mat is designed with High angle 7 mm ridges to give a maximum, circulation of air  so that the dishes dry out fast.The ridges also provide support to the dishes. 
    • The Drying Mat also acts a heat protector with standing temperatures upto 450 F which can hold hot pots and pans .It  is multi functional and could have variety of uses.
    • Drying Mat is soft and sturdy as well as shock absorbent  which is perfect for Glassware which can avoid scratches on the surface.
    • Drying Mat comes with a size of 18" x 16 "XL which is perfect for drying all kinds of dishes.It comes in with built in storage system after use it can  be rolled up and  locked in place on the corner table or  simply hanged on the side.
    • The product has a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product.

3. Kitchen Dish Drying Mat, Large 15.8" x 12" 

silicon dish drying mat


    • The Large 15.8" x 12 " size of the Dish Drying mat   is perfect for drying big pots and pans or even delicate items like crockery and glassware .  It is made from a BPA quality silicone material.  
    • The product has raised ridges which are uniquely designed like channels  that allows efficient and easy ventilation  for drying the dishes hygienically.
    • A Multi functional  Trivet which is also heat resistant can be used  for a variety of things . it can catch spills  from little ones. the trivet can withstand heat upto 450 F and can be used in roast tray or hot baking tray.
    • Before storage clean up  your mat in warm soapy water with dish scrubber and dry out.Alternatively it could be  washed in the dish water on a normal cycle.
    • The product comes with a scrubber for easy cleaning of the mat as well as a band to help store the the mat after usage.

 4. Microfiber Dish Drying Mat,  by Bellemain

dish drying mat micro fiber


    • Bellemain's (extra-large ) absorbent dish mat   has been stylishly designed   as well as functional. It is    40 % longer than the other mats and the thickest . it is designed to take up nearly 40% more space than the typical mat.
    • It keeps the counter spotless even if you are washing a lot of dishes .It is a microfiber structure with innovative honeycomb design to increase absorption and dries the dishes quickly.
    • The micro fiber comes  with a  flexible core which will not weaken if washed. It protects the counter from, scratches and scuffs  also keeps your glass ware safe  and sound.
    • It is easily stored .Simply wash  dry and roll up for storage . It could be Tucked under the  table or tossed in the drawer. 
    • The product is made with the highest standard of Bellmain however if it is not up to the standard then it can be exchanged easily.

 5 . S&T Microfiber Dish Drying Mat, White Trellis

dish drying mat textile


    • The Dish drying Mats absorbs 4 times its weight of water and keeps the counter top Dry.
    • The Drying mat is reversible for optimum and convenience. It cushions delicate dishes and stemware and dries them quickly.
    • The product can be easily kept under the dish racks to absorbs the dripping water.The pots ,pans, serve ware and glassware can be directly placed on the mat after washing.  
    • The multi functional  product can be used to protect counter top by placing under the small appliances as blender and mixer.
    • It is machine washable with liquid detergent and tumble dried. It is highly durable also.

6.  2 Pack Dish Drying Mats for Kitchen, Microfiber 

Dish Drying mat set


    • It a set of 2 dish drying mats with a size of 18 X 16 inches (46 X 40.6cm)
    • The Dish drying Mat is made from Micro Fiber which has highly durable lightweight and strong water absorbency.
    • The product can be folded and stored easily . It is recommended that all the water is wrung out after used so that it dries out fast. the product should be washed before using.
    • The Dish Drying mat protects the delicate glassware from scratch and chipping. It also protects the kitchen counter top from wearing off.
    • It could be placed under the Dish rack,  hot pots and pans, serve ware and glassware to protect them from  scratch and scuffs.It even protects the counter top from hot pans.

7.  All-Clad Textiles Reversible Fast-Drying Mat

dish drying microfiber mat


    • This Dish drying Mat has a highly superior drying capacity. It absorbs excess of water and keeps the counter top dry and clean while maintaining hygiene.
    • The extra foam and polyester mesh  makes it highly absorbent and protects our delicate dishes . the quick absorbing material  eliminates condensation and fogging inside the glassware.
    • The Dish Drying Mat can be stored easily with multiple folds. It can fit into a small spaces also.
    • The Product comes in 6 Beautiful colors which will match the kitchen Decor.
    • The Product can be machine washed in cold water and tumble dried on Low.


We have given the special features of the different kinds of dish drying available. The Dish drying mats are essential for any kitchen to maintain the hygiene .it helps to keeps your kitchen germ free and clean always. The Dish Drying Mat is an ideal companion to Small Kitchen Sink and Wall Mounted Kitchen Taps