Top 5 Best Kitchen Zester Review 2020

Top 5 Best Kitchen Zester Review 2020

Best zester and grater

Best zester and grater

A Kitchen Zester is an ideal kitchen implement which is very useful to extract the flavors of skin of number of fruits and vegetables.The various types of Zester used for as per the need. It is needed to create fancy shavings from citrus fruits for garnishing a or  making lime rinds used for giving flavors to the drinks and different dishes.It will differ on the size of holes in the Zester. A traditional Zester is used only for citrus fruits whereas they are not suitable for shaving of chocolates etc. the Zester could be used to add brightness to every meal and adds zing to every homemade cocktails.The most essential part of any Zester is the handle which should give a good grip for grating and a durable stainless steel head which is rust proof and safe to use in the dishwasher. the 5 Best Zester available are been featured for selecting the best one for the different type of needs. The Zester should be washed properly with strong flow of water from the pot fillers in the Kitchen Sink.


Unique Features


Long Sharp Blade


Strong Grip

Silicone Black

Razor sharp Blade


Small Handheld


OXO Citrus Zester

2 - in - one


 1. Orblue PRO Citrus Zester & Cheese Grater 

best zester


    • The Zester comes with a extremely sharp blade and a Handle which gives a strong grip. The blade is distinctively curved so that you can apply force whenever necessary.
    • The Zester helps you to add variety of flavours to the dishes without the bitter pith taste of the citrus fruits.
    • It  can be used easily for shearing cheese , it will cut across the hardest of the cheese instantly. it is used to grate ginger. The zester can easily produce flaky chocolate or coconut and nutmeg rind for desserts. 
    • This Kitchen tool is Dish washer safe.To maintain the Zester you should  brush the underside of the Blade   and rinse it thoroughly.
    • The Zester comes with a life time warranty.

2. Lemon Zester & Cheese Grater 

Best zester for lime


    • This Zester is made from a premium stainless steel of 18/8 that doesn't rust. It has a razor sharp edges with square holes which do not clog up easily.
    • The Length of the Blade is upto 10.5" . The Handle is of Silicone which makes it safe and effortless while grating.
    • The Zester is very  useful in creating a mound of  grated cheese, nutmeg , ginger, chocolates etc. you could also make crushed carrots or potatoes for a nutritious meal for kids.
    • The hang hole design saves the space of your kitchen.
    • The wholes are  itched photochemically and are uniform in size and sharp to give a smooth cutting.

 3. Deiss PRO Citrus Zester & Cheese Grater

Best zester for citrus


    • This Zester has a stainless steel Blade which is Razor Sharp and has a unique curved on the sides which makes it extremely rigid do that more force can be applied.
    • This Zester  has sharp teeth which will not clog up.  It can be cleaned easily under the running water
    • It can  easily be used for grating cheese or making rinds from citrus fruit to add flavors to your dishes. 
    • This Zester makes zesting and grating very simple so that even the hardest of the cheese could be grated with ease. 
    • It gives a finely grated ginger or garlic in seconds and you can have your favorite dessert with topping of chocolate flakes in seconds

4. Multipurpose Zester Grater .

Best lime zester


    • The Zester is designed in such a way that the silicone handle gives a comfortable grip for easy zesting. The sharp stainless steel blade gives a large cutting surface.
    • The Small Hand Held Style makes it easy to store and compact, It can be kept on the table for adding freshly grated cheese.
    • The Zester is very easy to clean ,unclog the pores before putting it in the Dish Washer.
    • The Zester works with any types of citrus fruit chocolates vegetables lemon cheese   nutmeg.
    • The product comes with an all round customer support

5. OXO Good Grips Citrus Zester.

Best citrus zester


    • The  Zester has stainless steel holes which are sharp and can easily make citrus fruits zest.
    • The Channel knife makes strips or twists for garnishes and cocktails
    • The zester has a Durable, stainless steel Blade which will not rust and stay sharp always.
      • It is a 2-in-1 tool which can easily create citrus zest for instant flavors and garnish.
    • The Handle is non-Slip and comfortable to grip.


​The different kind of zester available have been featured.They include the zester to make rinds from the citrus fruit as well as the shaving of chocolates etc.  Ideally the zester which is selected should not get blunt easily. They should be long lasting. The holes should be cleaned properly to avoid clogging. After washing it should be put on Kitchen dish drying Mat to dry. The food cooked in Kitchen Instant pots could be garnished in few minutes with Zester. Select the best one suited as per your requirement.